You Can’t Manage What Your Don’t Measure

Managing effectively is reliant upon understanding how your business is performing. Knowing if your employees are performing up to par or if the business is bringing in revenue does not just happen overnight. Whether you are looking to measure job performance, finances or compliance it is never too late to start. As a business owner establishing the protocols to measure these aspects of your company should be put into place as soon as possible.

Your business may be in need of organizational change. Starting with the hiring process you can use performance metrics to define job responsibilities and communicate expectations. Using software to measure the incoming and outgoing calls in the office can help you stay on top of how quickly the phones are being answered and if people are being transferred to the correct employee. You can tell a lot about the business by how well the telephone communication is working.

The office atmosphere is an important factor for long-term success. High employee retention rates and productivity are signs that there is effective management in place. Metrics are not able to tell an employer how to fix a problem, they can highlight where improvements are needed but coming up with ways to mend the problem comes from the employer. Metrics alone cannot make employees work harder or more efficiently, but they are great for seeing what is working well and what is not.

Using metrics as a way to balance your business can have lasting effects if you are using them properly. Evaluation of job performance and management is crucial. How are you going to evaluate current systems you have in place? Compliance is one way to assess how well your metrics are working. Do the employees and employers comply with financial and personal metrics? When people are not compliant there might be a lack of motivation. Management’s responsibility is to help people reach specific goals. Find out what motivates people to work while keeping in line with performance criteria you have in place.

Managers have to stay on top of how well their business is functioning. Measuring job performance, financial gains and losses and job specific responsibilities will make it difficult for outliers to slip through the cracks. Metrics allow you to be in control over daily operations and reach long-term goals.