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Whiplash Injuries and Neck Pain

Guest Blog

If you have ever been involved in a car accident where you were rear-ended, you may have experienced whiplash firsthand. It’s a common injury that can go away within a few days, but it also has the potential to become a source of chronic neck pain.

It’s easy to get whiplash from this kind of accident, because the head is suddenly accelerated forward, and quickly decelerated backward from the force of the motion. It can put an enormous amount of strain on the muscles in the neck, leading to a painful long-term condition.

Sudden forceful movements like this type of car accident can damage the ligaments and tendons in the neck. These muscles are extremely important, as they help support the vertebrae that hold the neck and head up.

Besides car accidents, it’s possible to get whiplash from many other kinds of accidents, like sports injuries and physical abuse. Athletes are often thrown into unnatural positions in contact sports, which can cause the neck to snap backwards and forwards. Repetitive motions like throwing, or falling awkwardly on an arm or a leg during a game can also make an athlete more prone to injury.

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