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Creating Brochures for Doctor’s Offices

“Differentiation” is the key in creating a Brand. So why is it that most Doctor’s Brochures are viewed as a consumable expense and look just like any other professional practice or organization brochures? Homogenizing is BORING! Your positioning must be unique and you can’t be everything to everyone, so why try to be? You want to appeal to as many in your target market as possible. You must recognizee someone will be left out – That is OK.

Brochure vs. Patient Education is completely different and we will argue they should be separate. Education does just that educates and informs (general/homogenized/plain vanilla….is ok) brochures motivate people to become your clients. Unless you are the only Doctor in the geographic area choosing a surgeon is a very emotional process – patients choose a surgeon emotionally and justify logically. Brochures need to sell from the heart not the head. Both visuals and words sell the emotion.

Utilization of Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants in specialty practices

With the advent of health care reform, both multi-surgeon spine practices and solo practitioners are faced with the challenge of managing the over 32 million Americans that will now have access to health care and remaining both profitable, and efficient while doing so. Part of the solution will be further incorporation of Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants into specialty practices to accommodate a larger patient volume in addition to allowing specialists more time to focus on complex conditions. See link to Spine-Health for full article:

Job Tips for a Tough Market

Health care professionals need to find more creative means of finding unique job opportunities in today’s tough economic environment.  Continuing education events are a great way to network with colleagues, hiring officials, and industry experts.  This may very well be the way you land your next job…Visit SpineSearch as Nicola Hawkinson, DNP and Nursing spectrum present Staying Ahead of the Curve(TM): An Introduction to Best Practice in the Treatment of Scoliosis Wednesday, June 08, 2011 from 7:30 AM – 4:30 PM (ET) Mercerville Hamilton Square, NJ
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Best of Luck With Your Job Search!

Becker’s ASC Webinar

I would like to thank Becker’s ASC for inviting me to lecture about the challenges we will face in 2011 in spine.  We had over 50 participants, and an abundance of follow up e-mails and phone calls with positive commentary.  This webinar will soon be archived on our site for your viewing.  Please feel free to continue the dialogue as healthcare is changing for us in the US everyday.