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Creating Brochures for Doctor’s Offices

“Differentiation” is the key in creating a Brand. So why is it that most Doctor’s Brochures are viewed as a consumable expense and look just like any other professional practice or organization brochures? Homogenizing is BORING! Your positioning must be unique and you can’t be everything to everyone, so why try to be? You want to appeal to as many in your target market as possible. You must recognizee someone will be left out – That is OK.

Brochure vs. Patient Education is completely different and we will argue they should be separate. Education does just that educates and informs (general/homogenized/plain vanilla….is ok) brochures motivate people to become your clients. Unless you are the only Doctor in the geographic area choosing a surgeon is a very emotional process – patients choose a surgeon emotionally and justify logically. Brochures need to sell from the heart not the head. Both visuals and words sell the emotion.