SpineSearch’s Recruitment Resolutions Featured in ORTHOWORLD’s ORTHOPRENEUR Journal

SpineSearch’s first article in their four part Recruitment Resolutions series is presently featured in ORTHOWORLD’s- ORTHOPRENEUR Journal. The article entitled Recruitment Resolutions: Assessing Your Staffing Needs identifies the necessity for surgeons and practice managers to increase their focus on their actual and projected recruitment and staffing needs in relation to organizational growth. Co-written by Nicola Hawkinson DNP, Founder and CEO of SpineSearch and Heather Rottmund MHA, Director of Marketing at SpineSearch, this article provides industry insight for orthopaedic professional’s recruitment efforts.

ORTHOWORLD’s singular mission is to help orthopaedic companies and individuals improve their performance. Their journal publication ORTHOPRENEUR’s mission is to arm you with valuable tools and information to help you navigate through the uncertain future of healthcare today. ORTHOPRENEUR features topics that are exclusively geared for orthopaedic surgeons and their practice managers. You can read SpineSearch’s Recruitment Resolutions: Assessing Your Staffing Needs article by visiting ORTHOPRENEUR’s website. SpineSearch is pleased to become a contributing author for the ORTHOPRENEUR journal and invites you to visit ORTHOPRENEUR’s site again soon to read part two of SpineSearch’s Recruitment Resolutions series. SpineSearch’s next featured article will provide your practice with useful tips for streamlining your recruitment process.

SpineSearch is a national organization provides recruitment and educational services for spine and orthopaedic professionals. The founder, Nicola Hawkinson, a nurse practitioner, brings nearly a decade of experience in the industry to create a recruitment firm that meets the specific needs of the growing spine and orthopaedic industry. The mission of SpineSearch is to partner highly qualified individuals with specialized career opportunities in this niche market. Furthermore, it is the vision of SpineSearch to become the premier recruitment and education enterprise for spine and orthopaedic professionals nationwide.

SpineSearch assists hospitals, group and private practices, ambulatory care centers and device companies with their recruitment and educational needs. As a boutique staffing firm SpineSearch focuses on recruitment for both clinical and non-clinical positions. Recruitment services are available for many positions including but not limited to: medical assistants, nurses, physician assistants, physicians/surgeons, monitoring technicians, secretaries, medical billers, and practice managers. Visit www.spine-search.com to learn more or call 516-333-5050 today!