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Why SpineSearch?

We are sure you are asking yourself:

Why should I use SpineSearch? In a difficult economy, and at a time where many people are looking for employment and eager to join the healthcare field.

Why not use a generalized headhunter? They have years of experience and a variety of candidates

Why not rely on word of mouth or advertize on my own? I can save money, and have first pick of candidates

How will SpineSearch's ongoing training and continuing education programs benefit my employee?

Well..we are so glad you asked.

I cannot make arguments in regard to our current economic state, some things are just black and white. However, it is now more than ever that employers have to focus on finding the right employees to join their team. We have found that most physicians find their time better used seeing patients and running their office (their specialty) and hiring SpineSearch to find competent, well qualified employees that meld into the already happy office settings. Offices need to run more efficiently than ever, professionalism and patient services need to be at the forefront of the minds of employers. SpineSearch wants to make sure your office is run with Ritz-Carlton like service coupled with FedEx like efficiency. As the employer, you cannot do this alone. Finding the right employee is crucial to your business.

It is true, with the unemployment rate steadily rising there are many people out of work and eager to find employment. However, we are not looking to find Strength in numbers, but rather, the most qualified person for the job. We are going to show you only the most qualified, well suited candidates for your particular need. Taking time out of your busy schedule to make your way through dozens of resumes, set up interviews, is that time better well spent running your practice?

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SpineSearch is the premier recruitment and education source for spine professionals, and serves individuals, practices, hospitals, and government.

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