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What About Headhunters?

Some headhunters have been in business for more than 10-15years. And yes, during this time they have built up a significant data bank of people looking for employment. However, few of these recruiters have any medical background, WHATSOEVER. Therefore they can speak of job descriptions however, these are only words on paper, never having 'walked the walk'. General headhunters earn a living off repeat business, without a focus on job retention, turnover is what keeps them afloat. Some leading recruitment firms frequently site statistics such as Targeted Niche traffic; Hundreds of thousands of unique visitors, More than 70 associations and hundreds of chapters with a total reach of over 4 million healthcare professionals, Provides job positing visibility to more than 60 million internet users. Does this sound like a targeted and personalized service? It is more of a volume shot in the dark....If enough people apply, then the right employee may well be in there somewhere, but how would anyone ever know.

Finally, headhunterss usually focus on one particular job description such as Registered Nurses, so that an employer would have to contact multiple headhunters for different positions within the practice. SpineSearch was created to vertically recruit for spine practices and not to mimic the bulge-bracket recruiting firms that are set up to horizontally staff multiple organizations with one position.

Word of mouth advertizing is sometimes successful, so should you give it a try, sure why not! You may be lucky and find just the right employee to suit your needs.

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SpineSearch is the premier recruitment and education source for spine professionals, and serves individuals, practices, hospitals, and government.

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