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Why SpineSearch is Different

In our opinion luck and hope are not strategies to build a highly efficient medical practice but yes, you can advertise on your own. Beware it is not as inexpensive as one may think, especially if you are looking to advertise in more prestigious papers and journals. In addition, because you are not advertising on a regular basis, you are relying on finding the right person that happened to look in the right spot that particular day or week. Finally, be prepared to screen each candidate. All of this work leaves less time for you to do what you do best:RUN YOUR PRACTICE.

SpineSearch has dedicated it's services exclusively to the spine community building a database of over 6,000 spine professionals nationwide. Our marketing efforts and strategies are targeted to advertising regularly in the most prestigious venues, recruiting only the most highly qualified candidates. Our first line screening techniques have been built by professionals who have years of experience working in the spine community. We have a clear understanding of the job description and the proper protocols in place to match our candidates successfully.

Our goal as a premier recruitment company was to create and foster a network of spine professionals. In doing so, we recognized early on the need for continuing education within this niche market for both spine administrative personnel and clinicians alike. Our educational opportunities are geared toward increasing the knowledge base of your new and existing staff in an effort to increase efficiency and improve patient service. SpineSearch believes our job does not end with a successful employee placement, but rather when that employee has been given the educational tools to function to the best of their ability in their role.

SpineSearch offers a variety of educational opportunities for all positions within the spine community. In addition, we offer, custom tailored education for office staff IN YOUR OFFICE. Recognizing each office has different protocols and patient populations, our consultative services are designed to identify educational deficiencies within your practice and create unique programs to improve practice.

In conclusion, you have asked a valid question, Why SpineSearch?

Our answer: A recruitment and education company created by a member of the spine community, focused on a niche market, offering a premier service unmatched in the industry. Can you think of a better company to build your team?

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SpineSearch is the premier recruitment and education source for spine professionals, and serves individuals, practices, hospitals, and government.

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