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Hiring a Medical Biller

A medical biller is a health care professional who has received specialty training in the area of medical billing through either a certificate program or other educational forum. Medical billers are responsible for the submission, processing, and follow up of all claims submitted for service to insurance companies and / or patients. Medical billers are a key component of the health care team as it is them that ensures the practice's reimbursement for all medical services rendered.

Key attributes employers should look for when hiring a medical biller include: responsible, competent, trustworthy, strong attention to detail. When evaluating these individuals one may also want to consider these qualifications:

  • Industry Knowledge
    • Above all else, you want a medical biller with industry knowledge. The medical billing industry is filled with ever changing rules and regulations. Medicare regulations alone are so dynamic it requires full time attention to stay up to par. Medical billers have to be proficient and up to date in order to stay in command, or the financial well being of the practice or department will suffer. Unless you yourself have the time to stay current on changing rules regulations and billing codes, find someone who can and ensure you get paid!
  • Technological proficiency
    • The majority of medical billing is done via computer and even online. The candidate you hire MUST be proficient in their computer skills (the internet, software). Without these skills the employee will have great difficulty fulfilling job requirements and productivity will suffer. The medical biller is responsible for ensuring the financial reimbursement to the department or practice for medical services rendered. They are a key component of the team without whom the practice would not exist and the employees cannot be paid. When hiring a medical biller the hiring official should speak to former employers as well as clinical preceptors to ensure the candidate is the right person for the job.

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