Video – Skype Job Interviews

In the past decade video/skype interviewing has become the leading edge technology in the recruiting world. While some recruiting firms recruit for local positions, others recruit nationwide; making it more difficult to have that face-to-face connection with potential candidates. This is where video/skype interviews become vital to not only recruiters but clients and candidates as well.

Ask yourself this: What is the main advantage of a face-to-face interview? A lot of people would say meeting the candidate in person is the most important aspect. Luckily video interviewing has made it possible to see the candidate visually without having to be in the same state or even the same country. Before video interviewing the only way to screen a candidate was by phone and that can be impersonal. Now, with technology on our side not only are we as recruiters able to see our candidates, we are able to get a more in-depth look at who he/she is as a person, and if they really are the correct fit for the position. This generates a stronger relationship with the client, because they will be able to know you are working that much harder to send them the best applicants possible for their facility.

Now, put yourself in the position of the candidate. A video interview seems easy enough, right? It may seem that all it entails is sitting in front of the camera and answering questions just as you would in a face-to-face setting. However, not properly preparing yourself can hurt your chances of being offered your dream job. Technology is not always reliable. There can be times when we lose service and/or connection. We are used to everything being available in seconds and don’t stop to think that technology can in fact contain a glitch or two. With that being said it is important to “check your tech” (check the video connection) ahead of time to ensure there are no interruptions during your interview. During an in person interview there usually isn’t much room for distractions. In the case of video interviewing you’d be surprised how many disturbances can occur.

There are factors that must be gone over with a fine-tooth comb in order to make your video interview as successful as possible. First, take a look at the atmosphere around you. First, make sure there are no TVs on in the background, no screaming children or barking pets. Second, double check that you have proper lighting and can be seen on camera; it would be unfortunate if your interviewer was unable to see you clearly. Finally, dress to impress! Just because you may be in the comfort of your own home during the interview it does not mean that your appearance is not being evaluated as well.