Practice Optimization

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In addition to recruitment and education, SpineSearch recognized a need in the medical industry to assist practices, small and large, in optimizing practice protocols, improving efficiencies, and decreasing overhead. SpineSearch offers a complete suite of Practice Optimization services. Contact us at 516-333-5050 to discuss how we can help improve the operation of your medical practice.

The world of healthcare is a continuously evolving and growing field. In addition to surgeons keeping pace with current technology needs, they must also keep up with administrative issues. SpineSearch's Practice Optimization Program was created to assist spine surgeons in the management of their practice. Recognizing your practice is your business, SpineSearch's Practice Optimization Program is a combination of onsite and satellite assistance geared towards optimizing office procedures, increasing the knowledge level of your staff, and improving your bottom line.


  • Onsite Consultation
  • Practice Assessment/Market Analysis
  • Patient Surveys
  • Standard Operating Procedures
    • Phone Triage
    • Insurance Authorization
    • Surgical Booking
  • Cross Training

*A qualified SpineSearch representative will visit your practice and conduct an onsite evaluation of the current office culture, practice policies, and Standard Operating Procedures and surgery. Results will be presented to the Practice Administration along with a strategic action plan.

Practice Assessment / Market Analysis
*This review is geared toward collecting data regarding patient volume, reimbursement, referral patterns, and surgical cases. The analysis will inform the physician of the practice's current financial status in order to create a strategic plan for growth.

Patient Survey
*A short questionnaire geared toward assessing patient satisfaction with both office staff and physician encounters. Data from this survey will be gathered, analyzed, and presented with an action plan to improve patient service.

Job Descriptions
*Written policies identifying employees' roles and responsibilities. Job descriptions are written to ensure a clear delineation of job functions in an effort to improve both employer and employee satisfaction.

Standard Operating Procedures

  • Phone Triage
  • Insurance Authorization
  • Surgical Booking

Formal policies are written to provide staff with a step-by-step procedure for completing a task. SOPs are intended to increase efficiency, decrease error and improve patient satisfaction. SOPs are available for Phone Triage, Insurance Authorization, and Surgical Booking.

Cross Training
*On-site training geared towards increasing staff knowledge beyond their current job descriptions. This program assists practices to maintain function during staff absences and turnover.

Staff Education
Customized on-site educational program for medical staff focusing on both administrative and clinical aspects of healthcare. Topics include Medical Terminology, Basic Anatomy, Communication, Imaging, and Surgery.

Other Services

  • Recruitment
  • Education