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Findings is our newsletter. It is published in print and on the Internet, and is targeted to health professionals in North America. We publish hiring tips, trends, and other useful info for employers and employees alike.

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Findings - The Tech Issue

  • Business Intelligence..., Are You Using It?
  • Emerging Trends in Healthcare 
  • Does Your Practice Need a Makeover 
  • Innovative Marketing Techniques

Findings 2016 Winter

  • Success in Business and Life
  • What Makes For Effective Leadership?
  • Do You Know Your Turnover Costs?

Findings May 2016

  • Successful Leadership in Group Practices 
  • Transparency in Managing Your Medical Practice
  • 5 Critical HR Tasks That Strengthen Your Practice

Findings 2015 Winter

  • 8 Habits to Learn From the Navy SEALS
  • LEAN Strategies for Healthcare 
  • Is Your Practice Firing on 8 Cylinders?
  • Compliance and Risk Management

Findings 2015 Summer

  • Grading and Evalluating Employees
  • Golden Triangle Patient - Payer - Provider
  • Scaling Up a Surgical Practice
  • Healthcare's Next Killer App

Findings February 2015

  • Overcome 5 Office Barriers
  • You Can't Manage What You Don't Measure
  • Patient Access Through Innovation and Technology
  • Your Front Desk Navigates Your Practice

Findings Summer 2014

  • Start Your NP Off Right
  • Recruiting and Retention in Rural Healthcare
  • Retention Bonuses

Findings February 2014

  • Managing Physician Staff Performance
  • Medical Scribes
  • When Physicians aren't Happy with EMR Choices

Findings 2013 Fall

  • Preparing for Healthcare records
  • NP and PA Recruitment
  • Recruitment Trends