8 Habits from the Navy SEALS

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Healthcare practices can adopt certain behaviors from the military to help not only boost the morale of the office, but also create a more engaged working environment. Follow these eight habits for your practice to operate at the optimal level:

Loyalty to the team starts at the top. Loyalty is about leading by example, providing your team unconditional support, and never throwing a team member under the bus. Member of your team will be loyal to your practice if they feel like they are being appreciated.

Go to work every day with the intention to make your team better and offer help to those who need it. People who become overworked and overtired are not productive members of your team. The success of the practice should be a priority for all employees.

Understanding what works for you and what doesn’t is often underappreciated in the workplace. You’re expected to do things according to the way of the practice and that’s fine, but you should reflect on how your behavior and adaptability affect your overall performance.

Any effective team member understands that training is never complete. Those who assume they know everything will only be a detriment to your practice. Those who spend time inside and outside of the workplace developing their knowledge and skills will provide the momentum for their team's progress.

Attention to detail is not only important for a medical practice but it is also. Imagine, though, if all members of a team are obsessed with detail in their delivery? My lack of attention to detail in the incident in Iraq could have had catastrophic results. Don't ask yourself what you are going to do today to be successful; ask how you are going to do it.

If you get too comfortable this is when mistakes will happen; approach everyday with integrity and responsibility. This process will ensure that you are continually maximizing your potential, which will positively impact your team.

Working in a hospital or medical practices is fast-paced and ever changing. Having the ability to adapt to changes will make a more well-rounded and dependable employee.

You may be wondering how you could ever have a relaxed life if you maintain all of these habits. If you enjoy what you do and form good habits, it all becomes second nature. Maintain these habits, and encourage your team members to do the same.