Bad Habits in the Workplace

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Our current Newsletter contains two articles with a focus on bad habits in the workplace. Whether SpineSearch has placed in you in a new position or you are currently looking to transition, we want to make sure that you are cognizant of the top rated bad habits in the workplace (that can actually jeopardize your chances of staying employed). Now that SpineSearch has helped you or is helping you to find your “dream job” we want to make sure that are not guilty of any of these bad habits and that you will stay happily employed.

Some of the top habits that we discussed in our newsletter and which lead to tension and an unprofessional image in the eyes of supervisors and other coworkers include:

  • Being late or leaving the office early- most everyone needs to come in late or leave early at some point in their career. But if you are chronically late or leaving early this shows that you are not committed to your work and that your time is more important than other employees and is more important than your job responsibilities. It is very unprofessional to show up late for meeting or to abuse your privileges by always taking extra time during your lunch break.
  • Poor hygiene - in most health care work environments you are working very closely with co-workers and with patient. Due to this close proximity it is important to take care of your hygiene and health. It is very important to come to work freshly bathed and smelling fresh. Being uncleanly can really affect others ability to do work and does not promote and clean and professional image for your patients.
  • Excessive absenteeism- constantly missing work has a direct effect on your workload and your co-workers. If you are not in the office someone else will need to pick up the slack to complete your work. If you are excessively absent it has direct effect on your productivity and will have an overall negative influence on the business and all of the employees you work with.
  • Dressing unprofessionally- inappropriate attire in the office promotes an overall unprofessional image to your boss, co-workers, patients and clients. Casual or inappropriate attire that shows too much skin is never appropriate in the work place and dressing inappropriately can affect your ability of being promoted and staying employed.
  • Constant gaming, cell phone and internet/social media use- overuse of cellphones, gaming devices and social media websites is a bad habit that has a negative effect on your productivity. If you are checking your Facebook updates every 10 minutes how are you getting your work done? Most organizations have strict internet use policies and can even track what websites you have been too. If you are on Facebook all day or if you are constantly seen on your cell phone it may be grounds for termination. Keep your cellphone in your car or desk drawer to avoid the temptation.

Some additional bad habits (that we did not touch upon in our article) to be aware of include:

  • Blogging about your job
  • Procrastinating
  • Behaving immaturely at company parties
  • Committing email blunders
  • Talking loudly
  • Being disorganized
  • Excessive gossiping
  • Negative attitudes