Manage Your Phones or They'll Manage You

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Patients expectations for service are always increasing and call center training is a crucial part of the puzzle. Improving performance management and training best practices in the call center is key to keeping your patients happy. Here are six steps for improving you call center:

1) Revamp the hiring and training process:

One of the best methods to uplift your call center quality is by improving the service levels. Effective training and coaching practices can make your agents highly proficient and at the same time will help them in aligning their individual goals. However, this is only possible if you hire reps with the right set of skills and thereafter train them to excel in their role.

2) Re-energize and motivate:

The secret behind having a highly engaged team is the level of motivation they have. Managers can design different strategies for keeping up the team spirits high. Motivation schemes like rewarding, providing appreciation and introducing gamification as a regular practice can help in developing passion towards the job role and at the same time can bridge the knowledge gap.

3) Quality Call monitoring is necessary:

To sustain in the competitive environment, it is necessary for call centers to innovate. With call monitoring managers have the capability of getting insights from the ongoing call and assuring that the quality standards are met. Further, the insights can be used for analyzing the ongoing trends in the market and identifying the areas for improvement. All too often, various people are unaware of how they fit into the process and end up getting angry or frustrated when they are called upon.

4) Work on the small things:

Bad habits always start out as harmless and irrelevant. However, if you don’t root them out soon enough, they may end up spreading from one agent to another, affecting your entire call center. Besides, it’s the little things that always matter. With that said, you need to target behaviors that are detrimental to the success of your practice and change them. How do you do this? The best way to make such changes is through collaboratively coaching your employees and helping them see how the change will be beneficial to them. You also need to show them how they can make the change.

5) Spend 5 minutes (at most) to review yesterday’s calls:

Spend 5 minutes, before their shift starts, to review calls from the previous day. Go over any disputes that might have come up and what can be improved. This keeps the feedback fresh in their mind and allows them to correct any mistakes made and to improve on their strengths as well.

6) Invest in employee retention:

You must make sure a person has a positive entry experience in your practice. Half of all people who leave a job in the first ninety days make that decision on day one or two. You'll never have a more eager employee than on the first day. Capitalize on it by giving people reasons why you're pleased to have them and why they should feel great about being selected.